These are just some of the advantages of becoming a Cambridge English Educational Partner, not only for the school as an institution, but also for teachers, students and their families.

For your teaching centre

  • A life-long learning project which accompanies the students from Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary.
  • Official preparation for Cambridge Qualifications and other internationally recognised exams.
  • Your school as a reference point in the area.
  • Presentation of the programme’s advantages to families (only in schools, not private language schools).
  • School plaque and other promotional tools for the centre (certificate of accreditation, digital pack…).
  • After Schools Project for extracurricular classes.

For students

  • An educational project which develops linguistic competence whilst contributing to emotional competence and life skills.
  • Ideal preparation to achieve the official qualifications with the highest prestige and recognition throughout the world.
  • Fun and exclusive learning activities.

For teachers

  • Training in our materials, language learning and methodology.
  • Preferential invitations to our events and training days.
  • Teaching materials, both print and digital, with the quality and guarantee of Cambridge.
  • Support for the preparation of official teaching qualifications.

For families

  • In schools (not private language schools): presentation of the programme and its advantages to families.
  • Educational activities and articles.
  • An English learning project guaranteed by Cambridge University.
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